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Julie Wedding Everyone
Rachel and Micheal Gelfman June 16,2002           Julie and Gordon Balck  June 12,2003

Our family started in Stony Brook, LI, NY. After some interim moves during which time the children from move to New Hampshire, California and then to Oradell, NJ. After 10 years in Oradell, NJ, Dad moved to Dorset,VT. The children use Dad home as their home base address. Of course each of the children live in another state part time perusing their dreams. Nathan is in Los Angeles, CA, as a independ screen writter; Rachel married Micheal and have a son Benjamin born 2004 and lives in  NY. Julie married Gordon and lives in Danby, VT.

You ask why Dorset, just read the article that was in the NY POST in 1999.

Click here for information on Dorset,VT. or for general information on Vermont.

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